Techdent matréile médical, matériel HBJO et matérile prothèses dentaires

TECHDENT’s experience in the dentistry field and its overall know-how has enabled it to master the different technologies and to produce parts which are of a highly technical nature for various areas of industry (cycles, dental implants, textiles...), and in the medical field in particularly.

TECHDENT has an assembly facility for sets and subsets for parts manufactured internally or purchased externally (plastic moulding, castings, bearings, electronic circuits…)

TECHDENT also operates as a subcontractor in the areas of deep drilling ( ø 2.5 to 25 mm holes – length maxi 500mm), grindingand broaching.

Customer satisfaction and zero defects are the main objectives that TECHDENT seeks to achieve through its certification
NF EN ISO 9001 : 2000  - EN ISO 13485 : 2003.



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