Techdent matréile médical, matériel HBJO et matérile prothèses dentaires

World - wide known therapeutic method, to treat pathologies locally, the mesotherapy requires strictness and an optimal safety.

TECHDENT SA is manufacturer of mesotherapy guns since 1985, is certified EN ISO 13485:2016 (médical), the mesoguns are complying with requirements of European Directives 93/42/EC (certificate Bureau Véritas N° IT306256 - 1 valid until May, 26th, 2024) and to the European Directive 2014/30/UE on electromagnetic compatibility.

TECHDENT SA offers an important range of high-tech injection guns which have been elaborated in taking into account the praticians comments.
They are being distributed through a world-wide wholesalers Network.

MESO TECH CLASSIC - Reference : 2600


This new mechanical gun, light and not very bulky, is even easy to use and to maintain in good order than the DEN'HUB. It uses the same sterile and disposable kits which are used on the range of the DHN guns.
The use of these kits is a guarantee of security and a time saving for the practitioner, while limiting the risks of contamination.
After the adjustment with the wheel of the injection's depth of the needle, il works on one by one mode just by simple pressure of the gun on the skin by retracting of the foresight and/or in continuous injection mode by manual action on the trigger.

Weight : 330g
Volume of one injection : 0,018 ml for a 10 ml syringe.

DHN1 - Reference : DHN1


First electric and electronic evolution of the DEN'HUB, the penetration of the needle and the beginning of injection are started by simple pressure on the skin by retracting of the foresight. Il works on continuous injection mode and one by one mode. A warning light indicates when on use.

Weight of less than 300 gr.

DHN2 - Reference : DHN2


4 injection modes are visualized by warning lights, allowing continuous injection mode or with predefined doses.
The program is selected by simple pressure on the relating button (it is adapted to any classical treatment, and particularly against cellulitis).

Weight of less than 300 gr.

DHN3 - Reference : DHN3


It comes up to the more exacting expectations and allows to practise any injection mode : continuous, one by one, or gust mode.
5 warning lights visualize the selected mode (adapted to any classical treatment, DHN3 also allows to carry out coating and mesolift).

Weight of less than 500 gr.

DHN4 - Reference : DHN4


Simplified version of the DHN3, the DHN4 allows any classical treatment, and more particularly coatings and mesolift.
Continuous injection mode, one by one or gust mode are available.
Easy to use, very regular and smooth on the gust mode, DHN4 is really efficient.

Weight of less than 450 gr.

Charger with 2 batteries - Reference : D3.75

Optionally, an accumulator unit is available. It consists of a charger and two batteries, matching to whichever DHN grip, and making it easier to use.

Simple and complete kit - Reference : D49-CDHN4.04-CDHN6.03-CDHN13.03

Simple kit ref. D49 : valve and foresight

Complete kit : a syringe, a trocar, a needle, a valve and a foresight
- ref. DHN4.04 (needle 0.4 x 4 mm)
- ref. DHN6.03 (needle 0.6 x 6 mm)
- ref. DHN13.03 (needle 0,3 x 13 mm)

The DHN kit is disposable as to come up to the standards of hygiene and safety. They are commercialized ready to use in a sterile packaging.

About the valve
The valve maintains a continuous pressure in the syringe, allowing to spare medicines and improving the results of classical treatments. At the time of a coating or a mesolift, only the chamfered edge of the needle penetrates the epidermis. The pressure by the bottom of the needle works like a very small dermo-jet, and in this way, multiple micro-injections are released without cutaneous damages.

DEN'HUB - Reference : DH.1100


Elaborated in 1983, DEN'HUB was not only an innovation, but a real evolution as a matter of comfort and security for the practitioner and for the patient, thanks to its stabilizing foresight and to the regulation of the penetration of the needle.

Mechanical gun really easy to use and to keep in good order, it works on one by one injection mode or punctures.
Delivered with 5 foresights.
It is the ideal gun for beginners in the practice of mesotherapy.

Weight of less than 300 gr.

CLEAN DEN'HUB - Reference : DH100

The cleaning and maintenance kit for DEN'HUB allows a good aseptisation between two patients.
It consists of an inox rest, 2 beakers and 5 foresights.



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